Law of Mother Earth and Panpsychism for NE Ohio

I am proposing to craft a Law of Mother Earth for NE Ohio in attempt at nature’s right.  Today it’s an idea, tomorrow a Law.  

The law would be similar to the one Bolivia created in their constitution.  What follows is my beginning.  Your thoughts?

To emerge or not to emerge that is the question? Galen Strawson’s position on panpsychism, compared to physicalism, is dependent upon, or not so much on, emergence.

Physicalism is this idea that everything in the universe has a physical condition.  Panpsychism, on the other hand, is the notion that all things have a mind.  Woven within both theories is a concept called emergence. Emergence or emergent properties more specifically, is this idea that simple compounds give rise to large complexes that are unlike the original, simple compounds. 

In this paper, I begin with expounding on Strawson’s panpsychism and emergence theory in relationship to physicalism’s emergence. I will  conclude with an outline of a law for northeastOhioto adopt in support of nature’s inalienable rights to flourish similar toBolivia’s Law of Mother Nature.

This paper will be composed of five parts starting with panpsychism.  The first section will be composed of a short history of panpsychism in general followed by Strawson’s take on panpsychism and emergence for Strawson.  The next section will mirror part one but on physicalism instead.  Is Strawson a physicialist will also be addressed here?

In section three, I will draw the comparisons/differences of the two emergences; Strawson versus physicalism and why it is important.

I will further explain my thoughts on Strawson’s panpsychism and emergence and the reason(s) why his position is excellent in support of a foundation for nature’s rights law.

As a conclusion, I will outline the points for a law for northeastOhiogranting all nature equal rights to humans similar to The Mother Earth Law inBolivia. In it I will include Strawson’s panpsychism and emergence.


About earffood

Student of Philosophy, Earth and Humanity. Interested in the Rights of Nature.
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