These shoes were made for walking…

Chuck Taylor All-Stars!  Not the best choice for walking across the state but they are old school and almost free on the bargain rack at your local TJ Maxx, Marshalls or local thrift store. This is my 3rd pair and I have one more left to last me until June 12th.  Did I mention my a## is tired as H -E-double hockey sticks? 

Check out this sign what is it? Wolf, German Shepard, Coyote?

I’m not sure but I am certain I do not want to meet up with it.

Folks this is a tremendous experience.  If nothing else, I hope this walk is making you think about the environment around you, bring your own bags to the grocery, find out what Fracking in Ohio means, reduce your trash, get outside and toss a frisbee, hit a Croquet Ball, play in the water, take a walk, talk to your neighbor about the environment and oh yeah “Sustainability”…what is that again?

Twelve more days of this fun filled adventure to go; I’d like to hear what you are thinking?


About earffood

Student of Philosophy, Earth and Humanity. Interested in the Rights of Nature.
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