Two words for my Sponsors…


Some special folks I’d like to thank for the cheers, comments, assistance, encouragement, direction, questions and just plain old good hearted folks!

Tracey Dillard, Robert Stockham, Sherri Konick, Anthony “Just Call Me Foss” Fossaceca, Nancy King-Smith, Ma and Pa Dillard, April Bragg, Jalissa Coffee, Janelle Sterret,  Nancy Dillard, Roger and Patrick from Philosophy Classes, Nathifa, Ph.D Candidate at Stony Brook, Patsy Irene and Roberto Cafe’.

Simply without your current existence in my space the Wildflower Walk Across Ohio would NOT have been and I thank you so much!


About earffood

Student of Philosophy, Earth and Humanity. Interested in the Rights of Nature.
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2 Responses to Two words for my Sponsors…

  1. I hope that your having the TIME of your LIFE!!!! BE FREE.

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